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"Thank you, you all have done a great job, and everything looks good we are all very happy. Everyone says it looks good. I will send photos when we get it finished. Thanks"
Bill Voelz

Custom building log staircases and spiral log stairs is reserved for our most experienced craftsman. We design each log or timber staircase to your exact specification, and pre-build it here in our facility carefully numbering each piece for easy reassembly at your home or cabin.

Log Spiral Staircases

"The stairs really look great. Dave and Seth did a good job."
Bill Wagner

Our spiral staircases are made in a variety of different styles including hand hewn log spiral stairs, adz hewn timber spiral staircases, smooth log spirals, and S4S square timber spiral staircases. Our wide variety of spiral stairs are all custom built to your dimensions which allows you to capitalize on the maximum livable space underneath your log or timber spiral staircase. Laminating our continuously spiraling handrail makes the ascent and decent extremely fluid, while adding structure for those grand spirals with a radius exceeding four feet.

Thank you so much for the beautiful spiral staircase... Thanks for a wonderful, well done creation. We were prepared to be awed as stated in your brochure, but were stunned by the great look it gives the cabin. When our sons came home after watching your men in action, they couldn't stop talking about the craftsmanship put into the stairway. We will stop by your shop next spring to order our table…"
Thanks again,
Patty Hampson

There are numerous options to choose from when we design your custom log spiral staircase ranging from northwoods rustic to commercially refined. Custom built log or timber style landings add character and are functionally important to making the ascent and decent of your custom designed spiral staircase comfortable . Please feel free to give us a call and we will talk you through the dimensions needed to start the design of your one of a kind spiral staircase.