Our rustic log and timber mantles are a beautiful and cost effective accent for your home or mountain cabin. A fireplace isn’t complete without a one of a kind log mantle or refined rustic timber mantle. The unique character displayed in our mantles will be a conversation starter for years to come.

You can chose from a variety of different log mantle styles from burled cedar log mantles to hand hewn pine mantles. We can help you to pick out the right log from our huge logyard and have our skilled craftsman work it into the custom mantle that fits your home perfectly. If you aren’t able to make it up to our logyard we will be happy to send you pictures of unique logs in the rough until you can decide on the piece that is right for you.

Timber mantles add a refined rustic appeal to your hearth area, whether you are looking for the bold statement of a massive douglas fir timber adz mantle, or smaller more distinguished burly ash or spruce plank All of our log and timber mantles are available in a variety of different unique wood species including ; pine, cedar, burly spruce, oak, maple, burly ash, diamond willow, douglas fir, larch, along with a vareity of other speices by request.

We ship our log and timber mantles nationwide, with happy customers from California to New York and Georgia to Montana. Feel free to give us a call and we will happily direct you to a project in your area where you can see our craftsmanship firsthand.

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